Budget scan tool graphing comparison.

I’ve done a video to compare the graphing function of 4 budget scan tools. The Topdon OBDCAN Elite has a very slow moving pattern and the Nexpeak NX501 and Konnwei KW850 are very similar. The Autel ML529HD is the best speed to work with because the other tools move so slowly the patterns are too close together. Though the slower 3 have the advanced ability to graph up to 4 patterns at once it isn’t much use when the screen is just a mess of patterns, so use that function wisely. The main issue with the Autel ML529HD is that it can only show one graph - if they could at least make it two graphs it would be a clear winner because occasionally you will need two graphs. The Foxwell NT630 has good potential because it can show two graphs but the weakness is that they ‘march’ across the screen alternating between graphs - which makes it confusing to work out which happens first. The Foxwell also has a very good feature where there is a greyed out portion that moves quite quickly and after that it slows down and becomes a slower moving ‘stored’ pattern. I got rid of my NT630 for the “marching” issue but otherwise it’s a very good tool for the money. The Autel ML529HD is still the most useful tool on the list so far because it can do 24v vehicles and does several systems.