The Launch CRP123X or CRP123E

The Launch CRP123X is the latest upgrade from the original, highly regarded, CRP123. Some listing for it call it the CRP123E while a listing for the CRP123X states that it is a ‘heavy duty’ version of the “E” model. I’m not sure if there is actually any difference.

The upgrades from the basic CRP123 include a larger screen and body, built in battery, Android operating system wifi connection with automatic update notification. Also included is auto-vin identification that can be turned off in settings if required and a snapshot mode which has a little camera icon on the screen that you tap when you want a picture of the screen, which can then be sent to your email address for printing off a computer. Startup time is about 30 seconds but I no longer shut it down. It loses less than 1% of its battery power each day it is left in standby mode.

Piggy insisted on being present for the video.