Atmosphere aerosol tests

I recently purchased some Atmosphere Aerosol for photo effects. After doing some tests I realised it is not what I expected which generally means "lots of smoke". It is more of a 'haze' and is best used in backlit settings or where strong shafts of light enter a darker area to make much difference in a scene. I'm not saying it isn't any good, just not for my purposes. If you want smoke effects you are better off using "smoke cakes" [which I can't import to New Zealand because customs seized my last batch due to my lack of a 'fireworks licence'] or making your own slow burning smoke bombs [second video]


basically my recipe for slow burning smoke bombs [includes some flames though] involves 3 parts Potassium Nitrate [Saltpeter] to 2 parts sugar plus enough baby oil to make it 'damp' and slow down the burning process. By not going through the usual procedure of cooking the Potassium Nitrate and sugar the mixture is much safer [can't explode in the kitchen ...... don't ask!] and it burns slower which is more practical for a photoshoot.