Wedding photography poses

[ work in progress ]
I decided to keep a list of wedding poses as much for my own use as to help others . I'm going to store a few here so I can go through them before the occasional wedding I do and invite others to add to them .
I'm not saying they are great - just trying to make a list of examples to think of before shooting my next wedding .

1.) Lying on the couch/bench .

2.) The 'jump shot ' [ for the couples that are into this type of thing ]

3.) The ''human bouquet ''

4.) Multi walking image

5.) Sunset with side flash

5.) Ring shots

 6.) Standing in the road .

7.) Veil over face

 8.) Flying V

9.) Titanic

10.) Rings

12.) Bright backlight

13.) Look for reflections ....

14.) Hand in front of camera .