The Pirate shoot .

On Sunday I had another go at working with models . I went to the location early and planned out some shots .
They turned up 1 1/2 hours late [ the difference between landscapes and working with people :)  ] but the light had got better . For one of the shots where I had a flash from the side it looked ok but I realized that the shadows showed two light sources and when sunlight is the main light source direct fill-flash would have probably been better , or arranging the so as not to show the shadows . It was also pointed out to me that they should have been looking in the same direction and perhaps pulling harder .

 When I do a shoot like this it's all about having some fun as well and they really got into it ....

Until he went off his head !

As usual I like playing around with fire and flames :)
These were all lit by a flash with orange filters on the head and tungsten white balance to make the sky blue .

And if course I have to take my jagged mirror out for a few shots as well ....

It was a reasonably successful venture and I learned a bit more once again - all the things I need to remember for 'next time' :) .