A failed attempt at extending the SU800's range

Today I went into Jaycar electronics  and asked if I could try something out with their IR remote control extenders . We used the newer model than this picture but the principle is the same .
My idea was to be able to extend the working distance of wireless TTL using an infra-red repeater system as used to extend the working distance of the TV remote . 
My thoughts were that if this system could receive the IR signal from the SU800  , transmit it to the receiver , and change it back to IR then perhaps reliable wireless TTL could be achieved at up to 100 metres .
The shop assistant was very knowledgeable and spoke about frequencies and wavelengths and said it sounded quite feasible .
We set the SB800 up on remote mode at one end of the store , I triggered it a few times with the SU800 on my D90 and then walked to the front of the store and made sure it couldn't trigger directly from the SU800 , connected up the remote extender modules - but had no success . Then we decided to tell the trainee assistant to actually turn the receiver on and tried again with no success . Finally we convinced the trainee assistant to push the power supply plug all the way in and actually make the lights come on ..... but still no success . I never even got a pre-flash out of the remote .
There were various measuring devices in the store and with one of the CCTV systems we could switch it into a mode that actually made the SU800 signal look like a flash burst . Then we tried to save the signal into a programmable remote and it froze the remote up - twice ! The batteries had to be taken out to reset the system on the fancy remote .
We tried getting real close to the transmitter - every possible variable was excluded [ I think ? ] and the conclusion was that the Nikon trigger signal was too advanced for any of the systems in the shop .
Now I have the shop assistant thinking and perhaps he will come up with something :) .
I would appreciate any suggestions in this regard .

23 February 2010 : Duncan from www.hellophoto.co.nz 
donated a set of AR 1830 remote extenders " to the cause " and I set them up also with no results .
I may have to 'dissect' the controllers .