Photovan gets a helmet-cam !

Today I tested my new "gopro hero" HD helmet cam after mounting it on the dash of the van .


I'll be adding some pictures and video links as I process the images . 

This is the first short video clip I tried while driving out of my driveway onto the main road heading in to Raglan from 'Te Uku' .
 The quality was set at its lowest and has been further degraded by youtube processing . I'll add a link to a clip of 100% quality video for anyone interested in seeing what it is really capable of .

I took some stills as well , where they were jumping off the bridge in Raglan town . Since the camera uses a centre weighted metering pattern and the sky was bright there will be more noise in the shadow areas which are under-exposed .

And this is a 100% crop of the pole in the picture ....

This is a video of a drive into Raglan , along the waterfront and to the wharf ....

For anyone interested in seeing the HD quality this camera produces here is a 5 second clip of HD video [ 6 meg ]