Magic mountain horse treks

'Magic mountain ' horse treks

My first time on horseback .... October 27 2008

I've never been on a horse before so today I decided to go for a guided tour - about 2 hours riding in total along with a stop at ''bridal veil falls" .
I got to ride "Albert" - this was the first picture I took , I left the D40 in aperture priority and snapped away .....

We progressed down the mountain toward the falls ...

The steep bits were rather scary but at least I never fell off at any stage .

We spent a while at the falls .

And then headed back - our guide was surprised to see that I was back on the horse when he had finished helping the others onto theirs ... so you can call me "Bronco'' from now on :smile:
What you'd expect to see in NZ ...

We went back on a different route and had a good view of Karioi in the distance ..

'Albert' kept dipping his head to grab some grass and at one stage ripped the reigns out of my hands - it was a tense moment waiting for his head to come up so I could reach forward and grab them again before he took off on his own . Of course these animals know the way themselves but it was still a bit scary when he tried to gallop a few times and went down the steepest sections he could find .
When we got back they had a good meal ....

My legs are a bit sore on the inside - the guide says that means I was doing things right but we'll see how I feel tomorrow !