2010/04 Papanui point Raglan .

On Sunday 11/04/2010 I took a drive to Papanui point near Ruapuke , 22km south of Raglan town .
This is a video of a drive along the road to Te Toto gorge which is 7 km  before Papanui point.

This is a view from the platform of the gorge .

From a distance you can see a few cars parked in the field . It is a popular fishing spot because you can fish in deep water from the side of a cliff and some large fish have been pulled out there .
A few weeks ago someone pulled out a 22kg snapper .

When you get to the gate there is a reminder that you are entering private land and the farmer would appreciate contributions toward the upkeep of the 'road'[?]

The 'road' is a bit scary and it is actually safer to drive on the left because the top of the road turns into large ditches further along .

It's a reasonable walk down the ridge .

This spot is infamous for drownings - people have been washed off the rocks by the occasional rouge wave .

There were quite a few people fishing off the rocks about 20m above the sea .

I climbed down the chain to the right , not for the feint hearted , these rocks are closer to the water and more susceptible to rouge waves .

"Peter" had caught a barracuda on pilchards

I climbed back up the chain and went to the left where people were fishing higher up ... "Craig" had caught two Kahawai on squid .

I headed back up the path toward the van ...

On the way home I stopped off at the Te Toto gorge and had a look over the edge 

Papanui point is a decent spot for taking pictures as well as for fishing . I may have to head back one day for some sunset shots !