2010/04 Rolled car

I was coming home from the gym in Raglan on Monday night and picked up a hitch hiker since he was a tourist with a back-pack and not a sleazy looking character .
As we left the 50km zone and the 100km zone started we saw a 4X4 on its roof facing back toward us on the side of the road . The hitch-hiker told me he was a paramedic so we pulled over .
There were a few people standing there and one woman kept telling me '' Don't touch anything you can't move them if they're injured " . 
Fair enough but we didn't know their condition yet . I managed to speak to them through the front drivers-side window and they told me they weren't injured . So I opened the back bull-bar with this woman telling me " You can't move them , you can't move them !" . I tried to kick the window out but just bounced off - punching it had the same effect . Another bystander helped me ram it with a large branch and we put some blankets over the glass while they crawled out .
Apparently they 'spun out' as they accelerated into the 100km zone and went over , someone nearby mentioned that they have also slid there before though it's never happened to me on that spot [ yet] .

After we got them out the ambulance arrived while I was taking pictures , then when the police car turned up I decided it was time to leave because they would probably want a written statement starting from the day I entered the country ......