The beginning of the "photocar"

It's hard to believe that I bought the photovan almost three years ago now .
I've learned much from the modifications I've done to it and the use , or lack thereof , I've gotten out of those modifications .
I've also learned that when I am traveling around and staying one night at places , rather than for a few days in one spot , I spend very little time in the van itself ..... but I need the van because I can sleep in it and the car doesn't offer a comfortable option in this regard .
But the van uses exactly twice as much fuel as the car and really loves steep uphills because it stays on them for as long as possible .

Enter the "Photocar" , a fast economical sleepover option for those trips where I won't need the portable shelter aspect of the van as much .

And it's only done half the distance that the van has in its lifetime

I have plans for that inverter , it can move out for a smaller version wired up to some extra batteries in the engine compartment . I already have a mount for the gopro camera and a small compass on the dash .

The most important part of it is a comfortable nights sleep and I grabbed the folding bed from the van
and opened it up

It looks like it will do the job ! Time to start 'modifying':)